Studies and specialities

Sustainable Energy Engineering

Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) is run as an undergraduate speciality within the Power Engineering studies. It is intended especially for those who want to study in English. Graduate students can take up studies in the Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy speciality, where all lectures and classes are conducted in English. Apart from the knowledge of engineering issues, students have a chance to improve their language skills and enrich their professional vocabulary in particular.

Undergraduate full-time Engineer studies Graduate Master studies
Duration: 7 sem. Duration: 3 sem. Duration: 4 sem. (studies realized under the KIC programme)
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy

Our students are guaranteed:

  • the use of the latest computer programs
  • an opportunity to perform experiments related to discussed issues in perfectly equipped laboratories
  • practice in industry
  • apprenticeships in power industry companies abroad
  • practical knowledge

Your post-graduation career

Our graduates can easily find employment in power stations, industrial plants, research centres, design offices, consulting firms or in plants carrying out repairs to machines and equipment. Their excellent knowledge of technical English gives them a chance to secure employment with the biggest international companies and pursue their career abroad.

Your skills upon completion of studies

The Power Engineering graduates are specialists in the following fields:

  • assessment, selection and operation of power engineering installations
  • design and operation of power engineering machinery and equipment (turbines, pumps, boilers, fans)
  • environmental protection issues
  • power industry law
  • technical English

Opportunity to pursue a scientific career
Upon completion of their undergraduate (Engineer) studies, students can continue education in graduate studies leading to the Master's degree either at the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering or at any other university in Poland or abroad.

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