Studies and specialities


Biofuels is a graduate programme within the Biotechnology (Biotechnologia) MSc studies. 

Graduates are qualified specialists of technology serving the production of components for biofuels. Their skills are associated with the production of electric power and heat based on biofuels as well as with the processing of biofuels. They understand the theoretical principles of the processes of both production and combustion of biofuels. They are well prepared in terms of data processing, electronic control, and programming of technological processes in the related industry. The knowledge and skills in the use of plants and micro-organisms can be utilized in the technological processes of production and use of biofuels. In addition, the developed soft skills are apparent in their communication, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and self-presentation, much desired on the labor market

Main courses

  • Experimental Methodology
  • Ecological, social and economic aspects of biotechnology
  • Technologies for power and heat production
  • Conventional and renewable fuels
  • Thermal technology
  • Basics of microbiological and biochemical processes
  • Automatic control systems
  • Plant molecular biology and physiology
  • Fuel processing technologies
  • Combustion processes and technologies
  • Energy crops
  • Biofuels production technologies
  • Control of biotechnical systems
  • Computer methods in engineering
  • The use of biofuels in electric energy production
  • Molecular biology in microbial biocenoses monitoring
  • Computer aided optimization
  • Biobussines projects management
  • Biobussines and bioeconomics
Graduate Master studies
Duration: 3 sem.
Class language:
  • english

Our students are guaranteed:

  • use of the latest computer programs
  • opportunity to perform experiments related to discussed issues in perfectly equipped laboratories
  • practice in the industry
  • practical knowledge

Your post-graduation career
Graduates can continue their education at PhD studies, or start an industrial career. 

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