Why us?

Adapting itself to the needs of today's global labour market, the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering runs studies in several fields and offers a wide selection of specialities.

We are included in the highest scientific category in the classification of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and our studies have reached a leading position in prestigious rankings. We participate actively in European scientific programs and collaborate with the industrial sector enterprises, which guarantees that our graduates will be equipped with excellent knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our students are guaranteed:

  • practice based on sound theoretical fundamentals of strictly engineering and engineering-related subjects
  • education with the use of the latest computer programs
  • theoretical and practical classes in modern lecture halls and laboratories
  • scholarships abroad under the Erasmus program
  • a rich offer of apprenticeships with the biggest Polish industrial companies
  • opportunity for development in numerous Students' Scientific Circles
  • multi-level development of the scientific career
  • teaching that perfectly suits the labour market needs
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